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Diet changes in detail – 16 weeks out to 5 weeks out

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So I know everyone is always interested in the weekly changes in nutrition, and why certain foods changes, dropping/adding carbs during the prep, etc. So let me quickly touch on that  for you from my experience this prep.

Heres been my approx. plan to date:

16 weeks out – 200 protein, 185 carbs, 45 fats, 1,945 calories.
– This is where prep began.
-A solid beginning, having my once a week cheat meal.
– I get carb options in each meal: ex pre workout is 50 carbs from white rice, rice cakes, pasta or cream of wheat. I get to choose my carbs each meal, but must match given macro’s.
– Proteins are specific, and for added fats I can choose between oil or almonds.
– Cardio: 1X a week 20 mins HIIT (when off from weight training)
– weight: 124.6lbs

14 weeks out – 210 protein, 205 carbs, 45 fats, 2,085 calories.
– Showed progress in those two weeks, and maintained my weight, therefore I could increase my calories to continue working on metabolism before a real cut.
– final weekly cheat meal offered (future cheats are offered only based on progress)
– Still getting carb options.
– Cardio: 1X a week 20 mins HIIT
– Weight: 124.2lbs

13 weeks out – 210 protein, 215 carbs, 45 fats, 2,125 calories.
– Minor increase again for the final time before starting my cut at the 12 week out mark. My main goal was improving metabolism, focus on muscle and strength, and ensuring I would have a healthy ongoing prep.
– At this point, Im having high carb days every leg day (Froooootttt looooopppss!!) lol, and on off days my carbs are lowered by 60gr (pre and post cardio meal is just 30 carbs each rather than 60 each)
– Cardio: 2X a week 20 mins HIIT
– Weight: 123.6lbs

12 weeks out – 210 protein, 185 carbs, 40 fats, 1,940 calories.
– Beginning my cut.
– So far, my carb sources has been from white rice, oatmeal, and cream of wheat (Im offered other options still, but I choose to stay consistent with these.)
– fats are from whole eggs, Beef and steak, coconut oil, almonds, and almond butter.
– Proteins are from chicken, egg whites, beef/steak, and isolate.
– Still get high carb leg days, and off days my carbs are lowered by 60gr.
– Cardio: 4X a week 20 mins HIIT
– Weight: 121.2lbs

10 weeks out – 210 protein, 175 carbs, 40 fats, 1,900 calories.
– very similar diet, but main change is Im slowly getting less options in my carbs. Sticking with white rice each meal, oatmeal in the morning and cream of wheat post workout. Getting more specific.
– Protein change: Ground beef has now changed specifically to flank steak.
– Cardio: 4X a week 20 mins HIIT
– Weight: 119.4lbs

9 weeks out – Beginning a carb cycle between low, medium and high days
-Low: 225 protein, 85 carbs, 45 fats, 1,645 calories
-Medium: 210 protein, 155 carbs, 40 fats, 1,820 calories
– High: 200 protein, 275 carbs (froot loops!!), 30 fats, 2,170 calories
– followed this for 2 weeks
– Food sources are still the same, just different amount on each cycled day. Ex – low day I was have 2 meals of 5oz flank steak, whereas high day I have more isolate and chicken and no flank.
– During these 2 weeks I actually felt extremely tired, didn’t once get a good pump at the gym, was weak and irritable. Could have been diet change… could have been from my car accident.. don’t know. But definitely not a fun ride these 2 weeks.
– Also got my first cheat meal since 13 weeks out (4 weeks no cheat is CRAZY for me! Lol).
– Cardio: 4X a week 20 mins HIIT.
– weight: 119.0lbs

7 weeks out- Starting a different carb cycle, this time just low and high + added cardio.
– Low: 220 protein, 75 carbs, 40 fats
– High: 210 protein, 170 carbs, 25 fats
– Cardio: 6X a week 30 mins fasted cardio + 4X a week 20 mins HIIT post weight training.
– Feeling great so far this week, energy is high, pumps and strength are improved from previous weeks, and seeing good progress.
– Carbs source also now changed to brown rice or rice cakes and oatmeal only. Removed white rice and pasta options.
– Fat sources changed slightly adding avocado and removing the Peanut butter.
– Had a cheat meal. Prior to the cheat though, meals 1-4 was just protein and veggies, then 5&6 I replace with 2 Burgers and a few treats.
– Weight: 117.2lbs

6 weeks out – On the same plan, same macro’s.
– Increased cardio: 6X a week 35 mins fasted + 4X a week 20 mins HIIT.
– High carb day offered (a bit of froot loops pre/post and extra rice), when I dropped weight.
– High carb days no longer are for leg days specifically. I follow 3 days low, 1 day high, regardless of the training. Also, the extra added froot loops are only for when Im looking depleted or weight drops and getting much more rare to the plan.
– Just starting to get cravings, and just starting to feel hungry throughout the day (well.. I always got a bit hungry, but now its obvious stomach growls lol)
– weight: 115.8lbs

5 weeks out – **Photo’s from 5 weeks out are attached.
– Cheat meal offered, and devoured a burger, fries, donut, and cereal. Best day ever lol.
– Weight went up to 119.0lbs, but that will drop in a day or 2 back to the 115lb mark.

Other small notes:
– Water: I drink about 4L a day (I add lemon or crystal light to my bottles)
– Salt: I add quite a bit of real sea salt to EVERY meal.
– Lemon water and veggies greens are a daily morning ritual.
– I still drink coffee daily, allowed 1 cream (this will be cut around 4 weeks out)
– My weight started at 123lbs, and Dorian is guessing I’ll hit the stage at about 112lbs.
– Training split: Legs, Back, Chest/Hams, shoulders, Arms/core, cardio/off, repeat.
– Posing: At least 2-3 a week for 90 mins or more.
Ok I guess that’s it for now.
Main changes are slowly lowering the calories, trying carb cycles, adding cardio slowly but surely, and slowly as the weeks pass changes the type of foods such as from white rice to brown rice and possible soon some yams, less isolate and more whole foods, etc. Who knows really, I’ll just do what Dorian says. But it may not look like crazy changes in the plan from week to week, but everything adds up and Ive been responding well so far!

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