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Training your core.

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For the longest time, I didn't really believe training your abs would create a tighter, more defined core. I just always believed your core is strictly genetic, and you cannot change or shape it. Well... to a degree that is true, but I truly believe and have been proven wrong with that theory. We train every body part to grow, improve, become stronger, change shape.... so why not your core?

I now train my core as if its part of my weekly body part split. I used to just randomly through in some crunches or leg lifts between sets, but now I give my abs their own sets, circuits, reps, etc, throughout the week.

What is one of my core routines?

Circuit 1:
Roman chair leg lifts
Lying reverse crunches
Plank push-ups
*3 sets of 12-15 reps each
- minimal rests

Circuit 2:
Weighted core machine
Mountain climbers
weighted russian twist
*3 sets of 15-20 reps each

Circuit 3:
Weighted cable crunches
*3 sets to failure. Increase weight each set.

This only takes me about 10-15 mins and my core is screaming.

Now Im not saying by doing this weekly you will gain a 6 pack. Not the case. But increasing your core strength will increase your overall performance in the gym, and tighten your mid-section.
Again, yes - core is very much genetic, but you can still improve the overall look. Ive noticed a difference in my mid-section with my most recent show compared to my last shows since my coach (Dorian Hamilton) made me add core training a minimum of 3X a week. I used to just have a flat stomach and could only see the 6-pack when Id crunch hard. But now, I can slowly start to see it popping in my front relaxed pose. Not perfect yet, but its getting better :)

Anyway, point is.... treat your abs like any other body part! You will not be disappointed!

Over and out.

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