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IFBB Pro Jodi Boam’s Competitive Edge

Jodi’s career in fitness all began with her competitive background in gymnastics. After being forced to retire from the Canadian national team at age 17, she was quickly drawn into weightlifting and fitness competitions as a way to stay active and remain a competitive athlete. Throughout her teen years, she dedicated 30 hours a week to gymnastics training, so it was no surprise when the discipline and dedication needed for the bodybuilding stage came naturally. After just 3 short years of competing, Jodi earned her IFBB fitness pro card at age 23, becoming Canada’s youngest pro at the time. Since then, Jodi has become a 4x IFFB Champion, 3x time Olympian, and 2x Arnold Classic athlete. Unfortunately due to a severe injury, Jodi had to step down from the Fitness stage in 2012, but has now began her career again with Womens Physique (WPD) where she placed 2nd at her debut show in 2015.  She is excited for this venture and now has a new passion to share with everyone. Jodi says "I feel as though Im just getting started, and have so much to offer. Im looking forward to my future in this sport more than ever". On top of her own training, she has been focusing on helping others to meet their goals and hit the stage with their best potential as part of Team KABOAM.


“Since as far back as I can remember, I’ve always been involved in and loved fitness. I found my place in life early when, at seven years old, I joined competitive gymnastics. I made it to the Canadian National level by age 15. I would train 30 hours a week, plus school, without a moment of regret. Gymnastics helped me learn commitment, dedication and a great deal of discipline as I strove for success as a top athlete.”
“Once my gymnastics career ended, I quickly found a new passion: fitness competitions. This sport fits my personality so perfectly. The same drive for success that served me well for gymnastics has stuck with me. I won my division at my very first show when I was 19 years old, then the following year, I placed fifth my very first time hitting the national stage. I knew there was no quitting until I reached the top.”
“By August 2010, at age 23, I earned my pro card. I am now an IFBB pro athlete, and feel my career has still just begun, and I will have much more to bring to the table now and for years to come.” 


“I started my career as a coach when I turned 14, starting with the Junior Stars gymnastics program. There, I taught 2-7yr olds their cartwheels. I’ve always enjoyed helping and guiding others to reach their full potential and believe anything is possible. Today, I consider myself a life coach as an online trainer for competitors and non competitors.”
“My passion, next to competing, is helping others achieve the same success I have. I specialize in weight loss, hypertrophy, competition prep, offseason, stage presentation and choreography, macro planning, and more . Whatever the goal, I love helping others achieve and succeed.” 


“I have a drive to separate myself from the crowd. I’m building a reputation for myself as an exceptional competitor that I am determined to improve. You need things in life that drive you to succeed. For me, I surround myself with positive people, those who live with passion and can help push you through every day, and I hope to be that person for many others in my life as well”



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