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"I am a very proud sponsored FUSION BODYBUILDING athlete. They are a huge help and provide me with a great deal of support and motivation. FUSION BODYBUILDING is an amazing Canadian-based supplement company that offers unbeatable products for all types of competitors. They have helped me get where I am today, and I’m extremely thankful to be a part of such an amazing team!" - IFBB Pro Jodi Boam

FUSION BODYBUILDING products that are always in Jodi’s arsenal.

PURPLE•K REPS – Pre-Workout

PURPLE•K REPS has quickly become my favourite product on the market today. It’s definitely become a training staple for me, as it increases my strength, endurance and mental focus throughout my entire workout. I find it benefits both my weight-training and cardio sessions, making it easy to say I’ve had no other product even come close in comparison!


AGENT•M Powder is another essential for me during both the off-season and competition prep. I use this as an intra-workout product as it helps greatly with recovery and reduces muscle fatigue during each training session. 


Glutamine is on the top of my list for importance. GLUTAMEND is definitely top quality and aids in my daily recovery so I can continue to push harder every session. Recovery is of up most importance when it comes to making progress, so I take 3-4 servings each day and know I am benefiting from it.

Other essential supplements used by Jodi.

  • SUB•Q - Fat Burner
  • OMEGA•OIL – Fish-Oil
  • SHUT•EYE - sleep aid

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