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The NEW YOU Program

The NEW YOU Program


The NEW YOU Program

In this E-book, you will receive:

4 weeks to the New You

– 2 full training programs which includes your weekly split, detailed exercises, sets, reps, rest periods, cardio, and many notes. Program 1 is "3 Weeks Hypertrophy", where you will be monitoring your strength and progress weekly. Program 2 is a "1 Week Deload Training" plan to help with muscle and nervous system recovery.

– 1 nutrition plan which includes meals laid out from 1-6. This will show you how to plan meals around training, learn macro-nutrient breakdown of all meals, supplementation recommendations and grocery list included, as well as many side notes to help your understanding of the plan.

- Recommended for beginner to intermediate athletes. Created for, and best suited for females. Fit for all goals: Building muscle and strength, as well as weight loss, transforming & conditioning your physique.

- After you complete 4 weeks, you can either repeat the plan and continue monitoring your progress and increasing your strength/endurance each week, or take the next step and begin customized programs having me as your personal online coach!

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